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The Fajardo Method


The Fajardo Method of Holistic Biomechanics was created by Alicia Fajardo, owner of Transformations Studio in Portland, Oregon. This modality has two primary areas of focus:

1. Nervous system health & adaptability

2. Body structure and functional movement

Biomechanics are dictated by the nervous system state. The Fajardo Method of Holistic Biomechanicsuses conscious attention to increase the flow of sensory nerve information. This allows the unconscious brain, as it better understands its internal and external environment to:

       a. Select a nervous system state appropriate to the external environment

       b. Create structural and physiological changes



To understand how the Fajardo Method works, it's important to understand how the nervous system works and see what changes occur in the sympathetic nervous system that affect body function and movement. Check out the Nervous System page for more information.  

Learn more about the values and beliefs that are the foundation of the Fajardo Method.


To see how the creator of the modality, Alicia Fajardo, describes Holistic Biomechanics, see her Introduction to the Fajardo Method of Holistic Biomechanics.

To learn more about the Fajardo Method of Holistic Biomechanics, nervous system health, stress response mechanisms, or biomechanics, check out these reading materials.

This is a small, but growing collection of video resources that illustrate some of the concepts and ideas of the Fajardo Method, nervous system health, stress response mechanisms, and biomechanics.

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