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Movement & Athletic Training


Whether you’re running, jumping, squatting, swinging a racket, or just going about daily functional life movements, appropriate biomechanics are important for both safety and motor efficiency.

What’s Unique About The Fajardo Method?

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The Fajardo Method approach to personal training or movement training takes an in-depth look at how the nervous system creates movement. First, the afferent, or sensory, nerves take in information about the body’s position in space. This information is sent to the sensorimotor cortex in the brain for processing, which then sends out a motor response based on this information.


The Fajardo Method incorporates attention to nervous system state and body structure, both of which affect the flow and accuracy of information from the afferent nerves. Over time this can improve motor efficiency.

Effects on Movement

The sensorimotor cortex can handle many more information signals and motor instructions than our conscious brain is able to give attention to or control in any given moment. Using this information processing and response process that is already built into our nervous system is the most effective way to attain proper and safe biomechanics, create sustainable, lasting change, and improve your power, range of motion, and efficiency of movement.


Learn more about the Fajardo Method movement training approach through these topics:

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